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Get Rid of Snap Shots PERMANENTLY on LiveJournal

The updates to this post are getting numerous thanks to the kind contribution of other disgruntled LJ users, so I'm moving them to the end of the post. Keep spreading the word; they may be able to stop me if they wanted, but they can't stop us all!

So Six Apart just introduced's Snap Shots into LJ, and my god are we all the worse for it. It's bad enough people use it on Blogger, but now it's somehow permeated LJ-land like a nasty fart in an elevator.

In case you didn't know, Snap Shots is a little app that bloggers use to put little preview windows on the external links and media in their posts, and personally, it's the most annoying fucktard thing you can install on your site. Sure, Adblock Plus can prevent the preview windows from showing up, but the icons are still there and my browser still tries to load something when you mouseover them, which, by the way, I NEVER CONDONED IT TO DO. So this stupid program I have absolutely no use for is making my computer do things I'm not asking it to do. Big mistake. So let's get rid of it. Special thanks to everyone in the xkcd thread for all the input.

Two simple steps:

1. Toggle off Graphic previews in your Viewing Options. This disables Snap Shots for your own LJ.

2. Add$script,, and to your Adblock Plus filters. This will disable Snap Shots for the rest of LJ (and the rest of the Internet, hopefully):

Deep breath, sigh of relief. Spread the word, contain the plague.

Update: Opera users, have no fear! See this article to learn how to create your own filters, and just add the two terms as ** and **. ice_dragon00 has also pointed out that you can find Opera's content filters via its menus so you don't have to hunt and mess with the urlfilter.ini file. Working instructions with pictures are here. akamaru also has instructions on how to disable scripting on LiveJournal as well.

Update 2: Special request from IE users! This seems to be the best (if only) plugin for IE7 out there that can accept URLs to block, so if I'm reading the docs correctly you should enter in the terms like so:


Working instructions with handy-dandy pictures are here, with updated instructions if those didn't work here.

Update 3: Safari users, no, I haven't forgotten about you - try the freeware adblocking plugins here and just enter in the terms above as normal.

Update 4: For people on public computers (like students at school or people at a library), do they allow the use of USB drives? If so, Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition with Adblock Plus installed may save your butt.

Update 5: Camino users, look here for ad blocking instructions (thanks to therck who found this), and enter the terms as follows (I think):

host script 2
host script 2

dafydd points out that the terms above should be tab-separated, and also work for the full SeaMonkey/Mozilla Application Suite on the Mac.

Update 6: If you'd rather not mess with ad blocking software and would prefer a blindingly simple browser-agnostic solution, the_mcp and filefish offer HOSTS file manipulation instead for both Windows and Mac at this thread.

Update 7: OmniWeb users on the Mac can join in on the blocking fun with instructions from wmilliken here.

Update 8: Astute user zwol has found a glaring mistake in one of the terms I listed - update your filters to use$script instead of just plain$cript. Not much of a biggie since it was working with the previous one, but it's better to be precise all the same.

Update 9: Seems that Snap is escalating the battle and trying to get around the blocks we're using. zoniduck has discovered that the term is able to circumvent the above filters; just add it to your current filters and it should do the trick...for now.
Tags: hax, internets

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